Halfway Through Summer Update!

We’re so excited to be halfway through this Summer already! Though, let’s be honest, it’s going by too quickly! This is a quick update for all of you to know where we’re at! galaxy-logoI’m sure you’ve all been keeping up with us on our Facebook, our Twitter and our Instagram, but if you haven’t make sure to go and check them all out! The team has been trying to keep up with record numbers, and it’s hard to show you what we’ve got on the website when it all goes so quickly, so make sure to stay connected with your mobile devices (ha, nerds). We recently started up a YouTube account, and with the help of a bunch of our friends we made a pretty sick video, so thats another thing for you all to check out! We’re excited to see what the summer offers to us all, especially with Boonstock, Peachfest, August Long, Le Party Fantastique and more events happening in just the next 30 days!