Fall is Here, And We’ve Been Waiting For It!

We’re coming into the fall, and may I say, we’re happy to finally be here! After celebrating an absolutely lovely summer with Boonstock, The Challenge, an amazing collaboration with Black Hills Estate Winery and many other happening events, it’s nice to sit down and get into work mode, sit down with a Pumpkin Spice latte, curl up in a sweater and really just enjoy the cool weather. Sometimes it’s hard to think about transitioning between 40 degree weather and 15, but let’s be honest, it’s easier to dress up and look amazing!

Coming up we’ve got a lot of great Fall stuff coming in, and we’ve been doing some major trend watching, making sure to keep you outfitted in the absolute coolest of the cool, everywhere from activewear to kimonos, jumpsuits to jeans and everywhere in between.  Now that it’s time to cover a little more skin, we’ve thought it might be time for us to go a little more into the fashion side of things, though we’ll still have you set up for your bikinis and boardshorts, should you decide to go to Mexico for a couple weeks this autumn.

With the season just at the start of the change, we wanted to show you some activewear, for when you get up early for your pre coffee run. Remember guys, Be Cool!