Fall 2014 Preview

We are more excited than ever to be bringing in our Fall merchandise. Here at The Bumwrap we view Fall in a very honoured sort of way, it’s the season of Fashion. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is starting soon in New York, Paris is set ablaze with models strutting about the streets, and Penticton starts to fall into it’s own, with chunkier sweaters and skinnier denim. The events start to slow down a bit, and the townsfolk open their doors, like a groundhog anxious of tourists. Fall is when the city comes alive for the people that live here! With reverence towards fashion week, we celebrated the start of September with a photoshoot, showing off some of our new Gentlefawn, Papillon and Billabong, all fantastically modeled by one of our staff members, Maddie.

Click the images to see a larger version

  With a lot of the looks we’re showing, you can easily see the trends that are happening. Tights are a big thing again (Thank Beyonce, am I right?), and we’re seeing a lot more mid to high rise denim, which is a nice switch from the super low riding styles. Maddie is wearing Tom’s Desert Wedge in all of the photos because, in my opinion, it’s the perfect fall shoe. We’ve got her in some wider neck tees, including one of my favourites, the “I Eat Diamonds For Breakfast” Tee, which not only promotes glamour, but a healthy, well balanced start to your day.   Long story short, our Fall selection this year is gonna be BANGIN, and you should probably come by and check it out. Remember guys, Be Cool.