Resort Wear: Vitamin A’s Fall 2014

We had the pleasure of watching the Vitamin A Resort Wear show, presented by Rainnie Marketing at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto, and we couldn’t believe some of the beautiful stuff we saw.

Between the gorgeous resort style cover ups and the intricate, yet simple swimwear, it was impressive to see such a professional and stylish runway presented, and the catwalk over the pool was a cool feature as well. There was a beautiful video taken, that we’ve cut down to show you some of our fall and spring choices, with some of the garments coming in as quickly as October!



As you can see, the presentation of the show was immaculate, and the line, designed by Amahlia Stevens, is a game changer. We’re excited to bring these in and really give you some wow factor on your winter vacation, Alaskan cruise, or just sitting around the house, because resort wear makes the perfect loungewear.




On a separate note,

We’re consistently receiving Fall and Winter orders at this time of year, and trying to keep the store as packed as possible with fresh fashion choices for you to utilize. With the Farmer’s Market continuing into October, we’re extended some of our sale merchandise, ranging from bikinis to ski-wear. As always, we only have our sales out on Saturday, but we always have the freshest, newest apparel out on the floor for you to choose.