Bikinis for Fall (Vacations and Getaways)

Summer’s over. We’re a month into fall, the weather’s finally gotten colder, the leaves and flowers are all gone, and we’re all counting down the days until Christmas vacation. As we cover up our bodies with wool and leather, we’re left reminiscing about bikinis, and wearing almost nothing all summer long..

When you take your time off and head to Aruba, Hawaii or Mexico, you have to understand, that it doesn’t snow there. The leaves stay up year round, and the temperatures are pretty stellar. You may feel out of place with your winter sweaters, heavy jackets and woolen socks. You may realize how much you stand out wearing a toque and a scarf, with those mittens that don’t have fingers and leave you looking like some weird sort of penguin. You’ll look around you, and everyone else holding a pina colada is wearing bikinis, or cover ups, or one pieces. And they’re… They’re tan!


What’re you going to do?


(it’s okay, calm down)


At The Bumwrap, during the fall we have the best selection of fall fashions available to you. It’s an eclectic mix of garments designed to make you the coolest person in your group of friends. But, year round we’ve also got the absolute best selection of bathing suits. With brand new Seafolly, and a selection of new Vitamin A Coverups and bikinis, you don’t really have to worry about sticking out like a sore thumb. Well, yeah you do, but this time they’ll be starting because you look so BANGIN.