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Classic Fitted Face Mask

The Classic Fitted Face Mask is a non-medical, reusable mask. Made with three breathable layers, this mask features a soft liner and a center sleeve that fits a standard air filter.

The mask is designed to fit close to your face with an adjustable lightweight nose bridge and side adjustment tabs.
For all day comfort, use the connection lock to lift the ear loops and ease pressure on your ears. 

This is a non-medical mask to use as an additional measure to keep yourself and others safe while reserving medical grade masks for front line workers. 

How To Wear

  • Wash your hands before putting on the mask and after removing.
  • Press the nose bridge to your face for a close fit.
  • Slide the silicon side adjusters tight to your ears.
  • Optional: place the connection lock at the back of your head and attach both loops to lift and ease pressure on your ears.
  • While wearing, best practice is to avoid touching your face or the mask.
  • For a complete set of guidelines, please follow guidance provided by your local health and government authorities.
PLU: 28637

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