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Smart. Simplified. The new standard in percussive therapy.

This simplified smart percussive therapy device prioritizes the essential features you need while maintaining the power and effectiveness of Theragun's deep muscle treatment. Ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension, and recover faster in seconds.

The Prime prioritizes our most essential, original features, with smart capabilities that are there for you when you need them. Prime is proof that sometimes, the simpler the better.

What's Included & Tech Specs

Theragun Prime
  • Speeds:  5 built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 percussions per minute) and app-controlled customizable speed range (any speed between 1750-2400 percussions per minute)
  • Dimensions: 8.9 in x 6.3 in x 2.7 in (22.5 cm x 16 cm x 7.3 cm)
  • Weight:  2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Amplitude:  16 millimeters
Protective Carrying Pouch

4 Closed-Cell Foam Attachments -  What touches your body matters, and hard plastic can harm the body. That's why the Prime's attachments are made with non-porous closed-cell foam that can be easily wiped clean for a more hygienic experience.
        • Dampener - Impact Level: 3/10 - Used mostly for tender or bony areas. Perfect for overall use.
        • Standard Ball - Impact Level: 5/10 - Perfect for overall use on large and small muscle groups.
        • Thumb - Impact Level: 7/10 - Used mostly for trigger points and the lower back.
        • Cone - Impact Level: 10/10 - Used mostly for pinpoint muscle treatment, including the hands and feet.

• Smart Features
  • Smart App Integration via Bluetooth®, Customizable Speed Range, App-guided routines can be run on the Prime
• Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 12V Internal Lithium-ion Battery
  • 120 minute life; 80 minute full-charge time
Power Adapter
1-Year Limited Warranty


Key Features

Animation of Theragun DeviceErgonomic Multi-Grip
nullQX65 Motor with QuietForce Technology™
Animation of a battery120-Minute Total Battery Life
illustration of attachment4 Easy-to-Clean Attachments
nullSmart App Integration with Bluetooth®
nullCustomizable Speed Range


Prime's 5 built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 percussions per minute) are shown with individual LED indicators. The Therabody App also connects to the Prime via Bluetooth® to activate guided treatment routines and show the device's current speed and force.

Customizable Speed Range:

Smart App Integration

The app that personalizes your routine and guides you through your wellness journey. The Prime is smart device enabled with Bluetooth® connectivity, designed to pair seamlessly with the Therabody app. When you download the app, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step setup and shown how to pair your device. Once paired with your device, the app can remotely adjust speed, activate guided treatment presets, and make real-time recommendations based on your usage.The Therabody app integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit and learns from your behaviors to suggest guided routines that can be sent to your device via Bluetooth®. Say if you just sat for an hour in the car or on the subway during your daily commute; the app might suggest a glute and low back re-activation routine.

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