Becs and Em Talk Their Fav Colours for Fall 2021.

Fashion Talk with Becs and Em

Friday, September 24, 2021

Favourite Colours This Season

This Fall we’re loving all the shades of mustard and burnt sienna! Both are great options to use as a stand-alone pop colour but they’re also perfect for mixing together or with other Fall classics like hunter green, chocolate brown, or navy.

How to Wear It

To mix the two colours together, try wearing burnt sienna pants with a patterned top that features shades of burnt sienna and mustard.

To pair mustard with another Fall classic try wearing black pants and a mustard top with a hunter green cardigan. You could also wear a black cardigan and rock a hunter green or chocolate brown purse.

To pair burnt sienna with other colours try wearing oatmeal or cream pants with a burnt sienna top and finish off with a taupe purse and boots.

To wear either colour as your stand-alone pop colour, try going all black and have one or two pieces in your pop colour of choice. For example, black pants, black boots, and a black jacket with a mustard top and bag. Or black pants, black top, black boots and a burnt sienna jacket. For a less standout look, take the same outfits but swap the black pieces to any neutral colours like taupe, cream, off white, or tan.

Em’s Tips for An Edgy Look

“When trying to create an edgier look, I choose bold colours, harder textures, and stand out accessories to go with them. Think of pairing feminine prints and soft colours with more masculine materials like denim or leather and finish it off with a chunky shoe! I love layering these different elements in the same outfit; this allows you to showcase your personal style and really pull off the perfect edgy look.”

Becs’ Tips for A Softer Look

“Softer tones are the starting point to creating a softer look; that doesn’t mean you have to wear pastels. Think, if you were able to adjust the saturation of a colour, you want to pick ones that seem less saturated, not so bold and punchy or you can tone down bolder pieces by pairing them with soft, neutral colours. I love elements that create depth or movement like fluttery or puffy sleeves, frilly skirts, lettuce edges, and plush materials.”

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