Deck Yourself – What to Wear This Holiday Season

Saturday, December 18, 2021 

Deck Yourself – What to Wear This Holiday Season

As you’ve likely noticed by now, the trending theme for 2021 has certainly been comfort. In a world where we feel like we’re just living each day as it comes and the idea of planning anything even a week in advance is unfathomable, we all crave something to comfort and soothe us. From comfort food, to evolving our homes into cozy nests, to our daily outfits – we grasp onto comfort wherever we can find it to help combat the stress of the continual unknown that seems to engulf us each day.

This holiday season, we’re seeing elements of that comfort craving sprinkled with a little glitz and glam. After so many holidays and gatherings either missed or looking drastically different in the past now almost two years, there seems to be a universal desire to go all out this holiday season, get dressed up, and embody the phrase “holiday cheer”. We’re seeing lots of sequins, sparkles, velvet, and leather mixed with knits, plaids, and mohair-style sweaters. None of these elements are new for a holiday season look but the way we’re seeing them paired and styled this year is certainly more “comfortable” than years passed. For example, we’re less likely to see the usual shivering sheilas headed out in the blistering cold in their adorable sequin party dress with bare legs and sandal heels and more likely to see that adorable sequin dress paired with nylons, over-the-knee boots, and a cropped fuzzy sweater over top. Also quite likely is that sequin dress has been traded in this year for sequin joggers or leggings to still achieve a glitzy look but with a more casual and laid-back vibe.

Guys - all this pertains to you as well, maybe not the sequin dresses and nylons, but that classic-look-meets-modern-comfort trend is applicable to you also. For the more “glam” options we’re less likely to see men in full suits and more likely to see them donning dress pants and a suit jacket with a nice v-neck t-shirt underneath, or a darker wash pair of denim with a slick v-neck and a suit jacket or sport coat. For a more casual look, rather than your classic crew neck sweater and a nice pair of pants, we’re seeing knitted hoodies paired with dressy-but-comfortable performance denim.

So how do you choose your holiday outfit this year? Start with your mood, how are you feeling? Are you feeling energetic and bursting with holiday cheer, are you feeling a bit more chill but festive, are you feeling all the glitz and glam, are you feeling more traditional? Ask yourself what your holiday mood is; because whatever you choose to wear, you’re only going to be comfortable in it if it matches your own mood and not just what you think you “should” be wearing. After you’ve determined your mood, pick at least one element to add to your outfit that matches the mood you’re in – if you’re feeling glitz and glam then pick things that are sparkly or sequined, if you’re feeling a little edgy throw in some plaid or leather, if you’re feeling nostalgic and youthful go for soft colours and plush fabrics, if you’re feeling elegant go for anything silky and satiny or velvet, and if you’re feeling more traditional then go for classic knits.

Once you have your mood decided and know which direction you want to take your look, here’s some ideas on how to keep your outfit more comfortable:

  • Wear nylons with dresses, skirts, or sweater dresses – it will give your outfit a more classy yet casual look that is dressier than leggings and will keep you warmer than bare legs but you won’t risk overheating (we all know how hot the house gets with the oven going and the drinks flowing).
  • Opt for a pair of chunky platform boots or sneakers, or a pointy toe chunky heel boot rather than a traditional high heel or pump.
  • Wear a cropped fuzzy sweater over any dress to make it warmer and more cozy or try a mesh or lace t-shirt or long sleeved top underneath any spaghetti strap dress to give yourself a bit more coverage.

As always, have fun creating some new looks for yourself! But if you’re still not confident and would like more styling tips, pop into The Bumwrap; we’re always happy to make some suggestions or show you examples :) 

From all of us at The Bumwrap to all of you, warm wishes this holiday season and a happy New Year!

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