Getting “Comfortable” In A Post-Pandemic World

Wednesday, November 11, 2021

Getting “Comfortable” In A Post-Pandemic World

With the “Endemic” in site, live concerts are back on, the Canucks recently had a home-opener game with over 18,000 fans in the arena, most people are back to work in the office, kids’ sports and tournaments are back in full swing, and Christmas parties and gatherings, at this moment, seem like a real possibility. Our lives are slowly recovering from the pandemic and with that, means changing out of our comfies and getting back out there! But after months of adjusting to a life of working from home, homeschooling, no activities or events to go to, no travel to look forward to, and “no reason” to get out of our sweats, are we ready to hang up our comfort clothes and put on a suit, or denim, or a dress and heels? Luckily for us, not only have fabric technologies come a long way over the years, but the trend of comfy clothes wasn’t just a pandemic micro-trend, designers everywhere have integrated our yearning for comfort into their collections and it’s now easier than ever to put together a stylish and envy-worthy outfit that feels like pajamas - so don’t stress getting dressed! 

Previously, we filled you in on what a Shacket was and you learnt how to style leather joggers and leggings, but what if you much prefer a more simple “jeans and t-shirt” kind of look? You’re in luck, there’s a myriad of options in that realm and heaps of ways to keep your outfit cozy as well as on trend.

Let’s talk denim – while the current trend has brought us back to a heavier weight, stiffer fitting style of denim (think the 90’s), there have been so many advances in fabrics that now you can rock a classic denim look that’s actually a dream to wear. Brands like Vancouver-based Duer, and Turkey-based Mavi, for example, make many different fits for both men and women in fabric blends that they coin as “Sporty Denim”, “Performance Denim”, and “No Sweat Pants”, to name a few. These high-tech performance blend fabrics allow you to live your denim-loving life and actually love your denim at the same time. With remarkable features such as 4-way stretch, body temperature regulation, reinforced seams, and exquisitely soft fabrics, gone are the days when you get home and feel like you need to “change into something more comfortable”. Don’t “sweat” giving up your sweats, there’s lots of options out there for jeans that you’ll want to go for a hike or bike ride in or will have no problem chasing the kids around the park. Whether you are into a jogger fit, straight leg, skinny jean, flare leg, high-rise, mid-rise, you name it – there’s an option out there in a fabric that is made to move with you that you’ll be happy to give up your sweatpants and leggings for.

Moving along, shackets are great but don’t overlook the styling ease and classic look of a cardigan. Advances in fabrics have also made these long-loved styles more comfortable to wear and with the past few years’ “Coatigan” trend, most cardigan styles now are a mid- to heavy-weight making them a perfect outerwear or layering piece so it shouldn’t be hard to replace your current cozy go-to with a comfy cardigan. Here’s some ideas of how to get out of your comfort clothes without getting out of comfort. If a hoodie has been your go-to comfort item, try replacing it with a shorter style cardigan that has a hood for an out-and-about look that is casual yet chic. If you’ve gotten accustomed to roaming around the house in your robe, try replacing it with a longer cardigan that has a shawl collar or big patch pockets on the front for a look that is not only great for keeping warm and stylish in cooler fall weather, but is also classy and sophisticated.

As always, have fun creating some new looks for yourself! But if you’re still not confident and would like more styling tips, pop into The Bumwrap; we’re always happy to make some suggestions or show you examples :)

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